According to the Facebook status of a Bengaluru girl, she was assaulted by four passengers, with the full support of the driver and conductor of a city BMTC bus. The post has since been made private. 


Here are the details of the bus -


Travelling Route No. 500C, Bus No. KA 01 F 4719, near the Kadirena Halli, Banashankari, Outer ring road.


The girl has alleged that when she asked the conductor to tender change of ₹ 6, he smiled at her and asked her to give him a love letter if she needs the change. Alarmed, she approached the driver and asked him to stop the bus immediately. The driver refused, mocking her by saying - “Stay back madam, I will leave near your house gate”.


At that time four men, who were also passengers in the bus, surrounded her and the conductor tried to physically touch her. Throughout this, the driver kept driving the bus, though by that time the girl says she made it more than obvious that she wanted to exit the vehicle.


Luckily for the girl, the bus stopped to give way to an Ambulance and the girl managed to leap out the bus. She quickly informed a nearby traffic constable, who had stopped the bus for the ambulance.


The constable noted the details of the bus and took her complaint. The girl stated that she lodged a complaint with the Subramanyapura Police Station.


However, sources from the Subramanyapura Police station says that they have not registered any such complaint. The DCP Sharanappa has confirmed that the incident has come to their knowledge and the police are collecting information about the girl based on her Facebook status.


“I was scared if I would go through all that Nirbhaya had faced," is final statement of the girl on Facebook, bringing back the reality that despite time, protests and amended laws, women in India are nowhere near safe.


Reacting to the incident, Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy said - “This is the first incident that has happened in a BMTC bus. I don’t know about the details. I’ll ask the officers to collect the details and instruct them to take action against the miscreants."


Facebook embedded post (made private since the publishing of this article):