The pollution level in Bengaluru has been soaring for quite some time and people residing in this city should actually start getting worried about this situation. More than 66 lakh cars ply runs on the streets of Bengaluru currently and the pollution level is reaching that point where the people will start having issues like they have been facing in New Delhi.


Surprisingly, 43% of the pollutants in Bengaluru come from vehicular emissions. The numbers are shocking as there are a large number of vehicles which adds to the already existing 66 lakh cars from other states as well.  


Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) fees that this mostly due to the use of diesel. Almost 40% diesel vehicles exceed permissible limits unlike the petrol ones (16%).


KPSCB has also managed to find out that the pollution levels are pretty threatening at major city interjections and especially in Majestic and Central Silk Board signals.


Suspended dust is another issue that adds to the pollution in Bengaluru. Because of moving vehicles, the dust remains suspended in the air.


The only way to curb this issue is by putting a lock on vehicular counts, especially the diesel ones. But the situation is unlikely to improve anytime soon and that is not a good news for the people living in Bengaluru.