Do you remember the Chipko Movement of 1973, when people hugged the trees to stop others from cutting trees down? If yes then you can surely relate to this latest act from the people of Bengaluru. They formed a human chain of nearly 1.5 km from Fun World till Mekhri Circle to protest against the proposal of cutting down 112 trees in order to build the steel flyover.





Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) apparently has asked for written or oral objections against the proposal of cutting down these trees. Thus the protestors proved yet again that they are not going to bear if trees in Jayamahal Road are cut down.





“Cutting trees is definitely not the solution. Filling potholes and creating a separate space for street vendors are some ways to tackle traffic congestion on the stretch,” one of the protestors was quoted as saying by The Hindu.





This is not the first time Bengalureans staged a protest against cutting down trees. In October 2016, people in Bengaluru had protested against cutting down 812 trees on the Ballari Road for the same reason.


The pollution level in Bengaluru has been on the rise. Thus the city, which once was a paradise, is being threatened now and that is not a good sign. Bengaluru does need a lot more trees thus BBMP, instead of cutting them down, should be planting more to save the city.