The building clearly did not have any main engineer to approve the plan. BBMP officers appear to have signed the documents without even checking this essential detail.


Speaking on this, the BBMP Special Commissioner Manoj Kumar stated that since the building did not even have a clearance from the main engineer, obviously the standard of sand and cement used in the building construction was not checked.


The building was designed by RK Associates. The six owners of the building are nowhere to be seen, and the police have intensified their search for these 'responsible' owners.


Meanwhile, the local Assistant Engineer Ramachandrappa and AW Kodanda Reddy of the BBMP have been suspended for their negligence.


The theory of the well

The localities have claimed that a well existed in the spot where the collapsed building is seen today. The well was ‘closed’ and the builders started construction work on that well.


Sources say that there is a chance that the open well might not have been closed properly and notwithstanding the weight of the building, the well might have caved in - resulting in the collapse of the building.


Well or no well, builders are now expected to follow the ten new instructions given by the BBMP commissioner.


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