Bengaluru: The second facility of Smartworks, India’s largest agile workspace provider, launched on Thursday at Global Technology Park (GTP). With an area 3 lakh square feet and 6000 seats it is the firm’s largest centre. Their first centre is located at the Cessna Business Park. More than 60% of the work space has been booked already by some of the leading companies in the city. Pre-booked organisations include Deluxe with 1200 seats, Altron with 220 seats and Playgames 24X7 with 450 seats. With this launch, the firm has a total portfolio of 2 million square feet across India and is the only profitable large scale co-working space in India.  

The key aspect of the launch was the introduction of the artificial intelligence (AI) robot, which the company claims to be world’s first female artificial intelligence robot. For the first time a robot technology is being introduced in a co-working firm at the level of management. Smartworks’ in-house productivity mascot Smart Mitri will play a prominent role in the organisation. The robot will manage the overall administration of the workspace and her work assigned would include handling the visitor system and being a counsellor.  

Bangalore based start-up Invento Robotics is the mastermind behind the AI robot Smart Mitri. CEO of Invento Robotics, Balaji Viswanath said “It’s a great day for us today, to see our invention come to life! We would like to congratulate Smartworks on their vision to transform robot fantasy and fiction into robot reality with Smart Mitri as their visitor concierge. Smartworks is bringing this reality to life by expanding the possibilities for innovation.”

The firm is built across seven floors and is a combination of modern art and technology. The space has been planned in a way to allow natural light inside the building which has been proven to promote emotional health and increase productivity. The GTP facility has seen major developments in terms of using technology and innovations. The tech park is a sought-after location and has facilities like a crèche, meditation rooms, a gym, sleeping pods and a multi-cuisine food court.