Prime Minister Narendra Modi had come under criticism for claiming that ancient Indians had mastered genetic technology. A forward to school text book he wrote when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat in which he referred to aircraft technology in Lord Sree Rama's period also invited trolls and created headlines.


It seems the Communists in India also subscribe to such views that attribute great technological achievements to ancient Indians. 


A 2014 video of Pannyan Raveendran, former MP and National Council member of the Communist Party of India (CPI), showed him praising the technologies of ancient India and its great tradition.    


"There were aeroplanes in Treta Yug, the times of Sree Rama,’ said Raveendran in an interview to Rahul Eswar. “Then they used Jalastram  (water arrow) to counter Agneyastram (fire arrow). Those were results of long research. Technologies of today are extensions of those (inventions). People may mock at you when you say this. But the truth remains truth,” the Communist leader said. 

When Communist Party of India was formed in 1925, it had universal revolution in mind. We were engrossed in a global perspective that we did not give due credit to Indian tradition. Vedas, Puranas and Upanishads were discarded. Later we realised the mistake. Communist leaders like G Adhikari, K Damodaran and NE Balaram deeply studied and analysed Indian texts and realised the goodness in them, Raveendran said. 


Mahatma Gandhi effectively used Indian culture and tradition to bring Indians together under nationalist movement. He used Ramarajyam as a main plank to unite Indians. But Communist Party failed to do it, the former state secretary of CPI said.  


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