The Social Justice Department has decided to produce a short film to spread awareness on the goodness of foster care among people. The short film will be based on real life story and aims to promote foster care. 

The movie will be based on a real life event that unfolded in Kollam district in 2015. The Department has set aside ₹2 lakh for the production. 

In 2015, a 10-year-old girl Saneesha landed at government's children home after her father died. She and her mother were forced to leave their home after her father's death. The relatives were so rude to them that her mother Lasitha lost her mind. Saneesha landed at children's home, and Lasitha was sheltered at Government's Woman's Home. 

Saneesha was sent to the house of Shamla Beevi, her teacher at Govt U P School, Nallila, as part of vacation foster care programme. The girl was already a good friend of Shamla's daughter Fida. 

Saneesha started calling Shamla 'Teacherumma' during the stay at Shamla's home. On completion of two months, Fida was too hesitant to let Saneesha go back to Children's Home. Meanwhile, Lasitha recovered from mental breakdown and authorities managed to find a job for her. 

The little girl was united with her mother, and they are now leading a quiet life. The families of Lasitha and Shamla still meet frequently fuelled by the bond between kids out of foster care programme. 

"We were so touched by that incident. It was beyond our expectation. The security and affection that little 10-year-old felt in a family ambiance were overwhelming," Kollam district probation officer K K Subair said. 

The Social Justice Department is planning to produce the short film based on this story.