Kerala-based Abdullah Taliparamba was arrested by the Karnataka police from Mangaluru International Airport (MIA) on Tuesday night, for possessing 26 passports. 24 were Indian and two were American passports.


Suspicious of Abdulla's mannerisms, immigration officers stationed at the airport questioned him about his whereabouts. On checking his baggage, officials found a stack of illegal passports in his possession.


Abdulla confessed that he was a travel agent and was arranging a Haj package for 24 Dubai-based Indians and two American Muslims from Kerala to Mecca.


A case has been registered against Abdulla booked for possessing passports at Bajpe police station in Mangaluru under Section 12 (1) (d) of the Indian Passport Act, 1967.


“The accused has been identified as Abdullah Taliparamba. He had collected passports of 26 individuals from Dubai and had come to Mangaluru promising them that he will get them Haj package visa from here. When he found that the Haj package had already been closed, he decided to go back to Dubai and hand over the passports back to the people. Though the passports appear to be genuine, we have to ascertain this with the passport office in Mangaluru,” Bajpe airport police station inspector Nagaraj told The New Indian Express.


“He was arrested for illegal possession of passports for which action can be taken under the Indian Passports Act of 1967. A case has been registered against him under the same Act, and he was produced before the magistrate on Wednesday,” inspector Nagaraj added.