Spiritual leader Sadhguru's artistic endeavour 'Circa 2020', which according to him is an expression of humanity's confrontation with the one who has brought the world to its knees, has fetched Rs 2.3 crore at an online auction.

This was Sadhguru's third artwork that went under the hammer to raise funds for his Isha Outreach's Covid-19 relief measures, including the distribution of medical equipment and protective gear to frontline workers, infrastructure support for isolation wards and immunity booster drink to thousands of people in rural Tamil Nadu.

Reacting to the auction, Sadhguru said, "Our efforts to provide nourishment to daily wagers in rural India who have no other means, is expanding into thousands of people every day. In this effort to generate funds for feeding the underprivileged, this painting is an offering. Whatever you donate for this will go to Beat The Virus fund."

Sadhguru's last two paintings titled 'To Live Totally!' and 'Bhairava' fetched Rs 4.14 crore and Rs 5.1 crore respectively.

The 'Beat The Virus' initiative is an on-ground campaign by Isha Foundation to prevent the pandemic from entering the villages of Tamil Nadu. 

The Isha Foundation is also supporting the ward by offering medical infrastructure and other essentials.