We are living at a time when women's sexual needs, desires and passions are ignored or clamped down. After all, the makers of Lipstick Under My Burkha had to fight  a long fight to get it approved by the Censor Board. And this wasn't it. The Board asked Imtiaz Ali to delete the word sexual intercourse, uttered by Anushka Sharma in the trailer.

How is an Indian woman to express what she really feels or wants in bed? And if her voice never gets heard, how will she be satisfied by this physically intimate act? These questions and more are explored rather brilliantly in a newly released video tiled Khaane mein kya hain? aka what's for lunch/dinner.

The video depicts a conversation that takes place between a mother, her daughter and the house help, Rashmi. The three women, gathered in the kitchen, discuss the newly wedded daughter's honeymoon. As the young woman describes the passionate time she spent with her husband, her mom becomes shy and embarrassed. She says her generation of Indian women never fully experienced a feeling of oneness with her husbands when they were physically intimate. 

It's at this point the daughter asks the mom, "Have you lived your entire life eating half-boiled dal with less salt?" And the matriarch of the house subtly hints that she's had no say in the bedroom at all. "When your husband decides the menu, how does it matter when the salt is a little off?" the mom asks.

The daughter and the house help, Rashmi, look at her with strange and confused expressions and decide that its time things change. She tells her mom that there needs to be different flavours- sweet, spicy, tangy etc, during a gastronomic feast. But her mom says there is never time for such delights and that she is immune from all the excitement that food gives. 

Interestingly, the daughter says that it's not just her dad, but also the mother who hasn't made an effort to have a physically intimate relationship. In the end, she tells her mom, "Our life is like a sweet lime, squeeze every bit of juice from it. Its very expensive, don't waste a single drop of it. You still have your whole pulp left."

And that in effect forms the crux of their conversation. Women should own their bodies, their sexuality and stamp their needs. Otherwise, like the daughter says in the video, indigestion occurs.