Bengaluru: Rocking Star Yash has vacated the rented house in Kathriguppe that was considered as his lucky abode. He was caught in a row as the owner of the house had alleged that Yash had not paid the rent of the house for quite a few months. 

The actor vacated the house following a high court order that came in favour of the owner of the house. The court had ordered Yash to vacate the house by May 31. But the actor had not taken any action regarding this., But when it caught media’s attention, he returned the key as well as the remaining amount needed to be paid to the owner through his lawyer.

The owner's lawyer MT Nanaiah was given the key and demand draft by Yash's lawyer Jeevan. Nanaiah has given in writing that the house will be returned to the owner after proper inspection. Yash has paid Rs 23 lakh pending amount.

Before moving into his own house at Hosakerehalli, Yash resided with his family at a rented house in Kathriguppe. The family, however, did not vacate the house along with the actor. 

Yash's mother Pushpa had rented Muniprasad’s house on October 16, 2010, with an agreement to pay Rs 40,000 as rent for 11 months and necessitating a 5% increase in rent if both parties agreed to renew the agreement.

Pushpa is accused of defaulting payment after the first 11 months, according to a complaint filed by the house owner Muniprasad at Girinagar police station.

As police allegedly refused to file a case, Muniprasad went to court in 2015.

After numerous hearings, now the house has been vacated and the rent row of the actor finally sees closure.

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