Bengaluru: The Karnataka high court has directed KGF star Yash's mother to vacate the rented house in Kathriguppe within two months.

Yash's mother Pushpa had made an interim appeal seeking six months to vacate the house. However, after hearing the case, a divisional bench consisting of Justice BV Nagarathna and Justice BM Shyam Prasad on Friday asked Pushpa to vacate the house within two months.

The court had earlier directed her to vacate the house by March 31.

Arguing on behalf of Pushpa, the advocate requested the bench to allow her six months to vacate the house as she is constructing a house in Hassan which would take six months to complete.

The houseowner in Kathriguppe, Muniprasad refused to extend the time to six months and agreed to give her two more months.

The high court will take action if she fails to vacate the house within two months.

Before moving into his own house at Hosakerehalli, Yash resided with his family at a rented house in Kathriguppe. The famil, however, did not vacate the house along with the actor. 

Yash's mother Pushpa had rented Muniprasad’s house on October 16, 2010 with an agreement to pay Rs 40,000 as rent for 11 months and necessitating a 5% increase in rent if both parties agreed to renew the agreement.

Pushpa is accused of defaulting payment after the first 11 months, according to a complaint filed by the houseowner Muniprasad at Girinagar Police Station.

As police allegedly refused to file a case, Muniprasad went to court in 2015.

After numerous hearings, on September 2018, the Karnataka high court directed Yash’s mother Pushpa to pay up rental dues of over Rs 23 lakh to the house owner. The owner while filing a complaint in 2015 had stated that Pushpa is liable to pay a sum of Rs 13.08 lakh towards arrears on rent from September 15, 2010 to March 15, 2015.

Reacting to the same, Pushpa had said that she had spent Rs 12.50 lakh for construction of a compound wall, sump and overhead tank, rooftop flooring and installation of electrical fittings. She also claimed that the owner had promised to adjust this money towards rent.