The entire world is celebrating Environment Day today (June 5). The recent flood tragedies in Karnataka’s Kodagu and the neighbouring state Kerala are a warning sign that environment is not always silent. The repercussions of meddling with nature can be disastrous. Hence, protecting the green cover is as vital as any development projects for the human kind. Being in cities, it is difficult to find such a green cover to get away from the pollution and other man-made problems. But Bengaluru has many places that can boast of offering clean air with greenery around.

Here are five places in Bengaluru that the city and its people should treasure and experience

1) Lalbagh

Known as Lalbagh Botanical Garden, it is the contribution of the Wadiyar dynasty. The park spreads across 240 acres and houses over a thousand types of flora including a few endangered species of birds. Lalbagh Glass House Botanical Show  is a special feature that attracts a large number of people into the greenery. Every morning, thousands of Bengalureans enter Lalbagh jog, walk and breathe clean air.

2) Cubbon Park

Cubbon Park houses numerous trees, plants and birds along with statues of famous personalities including The Queen Victoria, King Edward VII, Sir Mark Cubbon, K Sheshadri Iyer, Chamarajendra Wodeyar and is officially known as Sri Chamarajendra Park. It was built in 1870. Initially it was 100 acres and over the years has expanded, contributing to the green cover of the city. Cubbon Park has many indigenous and exotic botanical species. It has 96 species with a total of around 6000 plants and trees Inside.

3) Agara Lake

Agara Lake is spread over 98 acres located at Agara, Bengaluru. When there is news of most lakes frothing and polluted or dry, this is one such water source that is well maintained in the city.

At one end of the lake is a park and a jogging trail. This lake houses about 40 species of water birds like pelicans, and also reptiles such as rat snakes. The lake gets its share of water from Madivala lake, through a stormwater drain. The main attraction in Agara Lake is the Children-Rooster Globe along with 230 plants letting people breathe fresh air.

4) Bannerghatta National Park/Butterfly Park

Also known as Bannerghatta Biological Park or BBP, the park is spread over 731 hectares of land. Established in 1970 with 545 hectares of land it has now been expanded. It has a zoo, safari, butterfly park and also a rescue centre for conservation of captive animals. Interestingly, it also has ancient temples and is a destination for trekking and hiking. The park receives annual rainfall of 700 mm. There is Suvarnamukhi stream that helps to keep the park green. There are at least 48 varieties of butterflies in the Butterfly Park.

5) Bugle Rock Park

Bugle Rock Park is a geological anomaly and attracts hundreds of scientists and geologists from all over the world apart from hundreds of people who visit the park for its greenery and serene beauty. Apart from being a people-friendly park, it is also an important monument for research.

This park offers a 360-degree view of Bengaluru city. It also has waterfalls, temples and fountains making people want to return to the park regularly.