Bengaluru: Three men allegedly attacked a Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) bus driver and conductor after they reportedly asked the trio not to urinate in a parking lot. This incident took place on March 31 around 9.15 pm at Bengaluru’s Majestic bus station.

The driver and the conductor are identified as Suresh Murthy and SR Jayanna. The duo suffered severe injuries and the two were reportedly rushed to a nearby hospital.

The complaint filed by Jayanna at the Upparpet police station stated that they were taking the bus to the parking area when they noticed three men urinating in the surrounding. Witnessing the disgusting act by the trio, the driver honked multiple times to which they did not pay any attention and continued to urinate.

Approaching the trio, Jayanna began quarrel to which they began to attack the conductor. The bus driver, Suresh, tried to intervene, but he too was attacked and injured.

As the two began shouting for help, the miscreants escaped from the place before other BMTC staff members arrived in support.

The police officials are going through the CCTV footage from the BMTC parking area to identify and arrest the trio. Further information on this incident is awaited.