Bengaluru: Bangalore Electricity Supply Company  (BESCOM)-generated electricity bill is giving an NGO dealing with de-addiction a high voltage shock. BESCOM is hell bent on disconnecting the power supply, if the huge amount of allegedly faulty bill is not paid.

New-Life De-addiction & Counselling Centre on Kanakapura Road in Bengaluru is a centre working towards easing the problems of alcoholics and other addicts.

This centre has been active for the past two years and has paid the electricity bill without fail, so far. But this month, the facility received a bill of Rs 38,207.

Having no other go, the NGO owner has requested the BESCOM for permission to pay the bill in instalments, to which the authorities concerned have agreed. However, the BESCOM staff are visiting the facility repeatedly, threatening to cut the power supply, if the amount is not cleared immediately.

The BESCOM has alleged that this facility was being used for commercial purpose.

However, the question is that BESCOM never raised this doubt in the last two years, nor was the NGO was slapped with commercial rates.

The BESCOM staff is even refusing to collect the cheque and instead is demanding full amount to be paid at once, said KC Sadanand, director, New-Life De-addiction & Counselling Centre.