Christmas and New Year is the best vacation season of the year, and many make the most of this time of the year. Emirates is no different, and as per a report, data of flight booking shows that the first three days of the new year will see 250000 passengers in Dubai's Emirates' Concourses and Terminal 3. 


Among these three days, January 2 will see the highest number of passengers as 87000 people will be passing through the Terminal 3. To make this transition convenient and hassle-free, the airport will have extra staff members for assisting the passengers. 


The airlines are also sending reminders to its passengers to arrive 3 hours before their flight departure time for timely check-in and security checks, avoid traffic and catch their flight on time. 


At the Terminal 3, passengers can physically check-in as early as six hours prior to their flight departure time, and this airport has 16 check-in counters. Flyer's can also drop luggage in the car park check-in facility that operates 24 hours.


Passengers can also check-in online, a service available between 48 hours to 90 minutes before flight departure time. 


The Dubai International airport has a number of facilities to lessen the airport troubles for the passengers and to improve the service quality. But, January 2 will be a true test for the airport and its service quality.