Education for children in Dubai is going to dig a bigger hole in the pockets of the parents. Depending on the rating of the story, the schools are allowed to increase their fees. The hikes may, thus vary between 2.4% to 4.8%, depending on the rating of the school given by the Education Cost Index.

In Dubai, school fee increases depend on the annual ECI, which is announced by the Dubai Statistics Centre. The latest ECI has been set at 2.4% and schools are allowed to increase the fee by double, depending on their ranking.

For instance, 'Outstanding schools' are eligible for a fee hike of 4.8%, which is twice the ECI for the next academic year. 'Very Good' schools can increase fee by 4.2%, 'good' schools can increase fee by 3.6%. However, 'acceptable', 'weak' and 'very weak' schools are allowed a basic ECI hike. The new school ratings were announced by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) after it conducted the latest cycle of its annual inspection. The report is available for all to see on

Of the 159 inspected schools this year, 16 schools were rated 'outstanding', 14 schools were rated 'very good', 69 were rated 'good' and 10 were rated 'weak'. None of the schools were rated 'very weak'.