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Numerology Prediction for October 1, 2022: Here's what you can expect today as per your birth number

Here is what the stars have in store for you on October 1 as per your date of birth. Check out the predictions by Chirag Daruwalla. Read and share with your friends

Numerology Prediction for October 1 2022 Heres what you can expect today as per your birth number gcw
First Published Oct 1, 2022, 12:30 AM IST

Number 1 (People born on 1, 10, 19 and 28 of any month)
Ganesha says economic conditions will be good. Getting back the stuck or borrowed rupee will bring relief. You will be able to get any kind of work done through your transactional skills. With the arrival of rupee, expenses will also be ready. Relationships with close relatives will be sweet. At this time the business is getting a little better. Negative behaviour of any member in family life will cause tension in the house.

Number 2 (People born on 2, 11, 20 or 29 of any month)
Ganesha says at this time your contribution towards a few social and religious organizations will give you a new identity in the society. Your presence will be especially important in any family issue. There is a need to take special care of the health of the elders in the home. Income resources will increase in the workplace. There will be a happy atmosphere in the family. Contaminated water and food can cause stomach upset.

Number 3 (People born on 3, 12, 21, 30 of any month)
Ganesha says most of your time will be spent on maintaining your personality better.Students will be relieved of worries by getting a job just like education. Your interest in
Dharma-karma and spiritual activities will increase. There will be some tension between husband and wife due to financial problems. There will be problems of blood pressure and diabetes due to mental stress.

Number 4 (People born on 4, 13, 22 or 31 of any month)
Ganesha says today will be a good time with family shopping for home decor items. An atmosphere of humour and entertainment will be maintained among all the members. It is a good time to start a business with money matters and plan. The atmosphere of the house will be pleasant and well maintained. There will be stress and weakness due to physical and mental fatigue.

Number 5 (People born on 5, 14, 23 of any month)
Ganesha says spending some time with your influential and important people will increase your self-confidence and efficiency. Your impressive speech will also leave a good impression on others. Sometimes it may seem that fate is not with you which can lower your self-confidence. Today the sources of profit will be less. There can be a little
misunderstanding between husband and wife. At this time there will be no loss of appetite and indigestion.

Number 6 (People born on 6, 15 or 24 of any month)
Ganesha says your dominance in the social and family spheres will increase with the influence of your excellent personality and influential speech. The relationship with your
few important people will grow closer. There will be ideological differences between husband and wife regarding any problem in the house. There will be complaints of gas and
abdominal pain due to bad eating.

Number 7 (People born on 7, 16, and 25 of any month)
Ganesha says the beginning of the day will be very pleasant. All your thought work will be completed in peace. Your humble nature will cause you to be praised. Your interest in the spiritual realm will grow. Today, invest your energy in marketing related tasks and payment etc. There will be a happy atmosphere in the family. Sore throat will be a problem.

Number 8 (People born on 8, 17 and 26 of any month)
Ganesha says there will be some plans for the future of the children. It will be interested in investment related works. With courage and adventure, even the impossible will be easily possible. Any decision can be proved wrong by getting emotional. The working environment will be in your favour. There will be harmony in both family and system.

Number 9 (People born on 9, 18 and 27 of any month)
Ganesha says a bad relationship that has been going on for some time will improve. You will also have a special contribution in the work related to the comforts of home. The economic situation will also be right at this time. The timing is perfect for future investments. The cost will be higher in some child related tasks. Excessive work will cause problems like fatigue and swelling in the legs.

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