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Love, relationship, marriage horoscope: Check predictions from October 16 to October 22, 2023

Allow your relationship to progress while maintaining confidence, trust, and patience. Discover the love astrology forecast from October 16 to October 22, 2023, for the signs of Aries, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, and more.

Love relationship, marriage horoscope: Check predictions from October 16 to October 22, 2023 AJR
First Published Oct 16, 2023, 1:05 AM IST

Ganesha says this week you will have to control yourself and prevent any third person from coming in between your partner as Ketu is situated in the fifth house. For this it is important that, if there is any problem going on in your love relationship, then do not tell about it to any third person. Along with this, you will also be able to get full cooperation from them during this time, whose positive effect will work to bring sweetness in your married life.

Ganesha says this week, some doubts may arise in your mind regarding your lover. Due to this you are likely to get some disappointment. However, after some time you will find that your doubts were unnecessary, and because of this you have spoiled many of your days. So before jumping to any conclusion at the very beginning, check every fact properly. This week you are given strict instructions that, while taking any decision related to your married life or making any plan, keep in mind the wishes of your spouse.

Ganesha says this week it is possible that in spite of understanding your financial situation well, your loved one may make many kinds of unnecessary demands from you. In such a situation, instead of taking money on loan from someone to fulfill these demands, you have to learn to say 'no' in front of them. Otherwise you will find yourself always bothering like this.

Ganesha says this week, if you are single and looking for someone special, chances are high that you will get a chance to meet someone suddenly. The romantic meeting that happened will not only make your heart beat, but you will also look anxious to meet that person again. This week, you can get full support from the mother of your spouse in any important decision related to your married life.

Ganesha says if you are married and yet you feel attracted to someone of the opposite sex, then doing so can be very harmful for you. Because if you have a love relationship with someone other than your partner, not only will your reputation be tarnished, but it can also affect your personal life.

Ganesha says if there was a dispute going on between you and your lover for a long time, then you will need to resolve it this week itself. Because as usual, postponing it for tomorrow can prove to be harmful for your love relationship at this time. Therefore, removing your ego, thinking only about yourself and your lover, it will be better for you now.

Ganesha says this week you will need to show your faith in your loved one without doubting them. Because both of you understand very well that, with trust in each other, this relationship can progress. Therefore, instead of giving importance to any matter, both of you will have to try to strengthen your relationship through mutual understanding. This time in life will give you full enjoyment of married life. 

Ganesha says due to busy work, romance in your love affairs will have to be sidelined this week. Due to which your lover can quarrel with you. In such a situation, instead of fighting with them, understand their needs and give them time. This week, the unnecessary demands of your spouse can spoil the peace and happiness of your married life. In such a situation, instead of meeting their yes-yes, sit with them and talk about that subject.

Ganesha says in terms of love affairs and romance, the week will be normal. Because while single people may fail to find their true love during this time, then the loving natives will be able to make a plan to spend quality time with their beloved. Ignoring your needs by your spouse may hurt you a bit this week. This will create irritability in your nature and you will be seen getting angry and shouting at others unnecessarily.

Ganesha says love is such a feeling that mesmerizes everyone. You will also be seen diving in the ocean of love at this time. Your partner may not be very close to you physically during this time but he will be very close to you mentally and spiritually. A pleasant smile can be seen on your face during this time talking to your love mate.

Ganesha says this week, you may get a little sad seeing an old friend, partner or lover with someone else. Because of this, you will prefer to be alone, avoiding spending time with family. This week you will need to understand the most that you should be friends with someone only when you have complete information about him and you understand him well. Otherwise, that person will go against your will and make many big changes in your life, which can cause problems for you later.

Ganesha says this week will be good for the people who are in love as Jupiter is situated in the fifth house. At this time, happiness will seem to return in your love life and you will feel your attraction towards the lover, just like in the initial days of love life. Married people will forget all the problems of the workplace this week, as soon as they come home. Because at this time the smiling face of your child or spouse will be very effective in relieving you of stress.

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