Behind every successful man there is a woman, and with every successful woman there's a man besides her who supported her against all the odds.

The same applies to the story of Tina Bhatia Jain and her husband Aman Jain. He has always been her pillar.

Tina, a post-graduate in English literature didn't want her story to be limited to words, she wanted her experiences to be above and beyond, hence she took up the opportunity to be an Air Hostess. 

As an air hostess, Tina was a pillar of support to the passengers flying with her. Giving out precise safety instructions, helping out everyone with the same attention when you're suspended 30,000 feet above the ground isn't an easy job!

At her job as an Air Hostess, Tina met her destined soulmate and decided to tie the knot. Aman jain is a pilot with a well known airline Vistara Airline.

But tying the knot didn't tie down Tina's life, rather blessed her with her beautiful daughter - Tiana. Tina took to motherhood naturally and gracefully and it fuelled her to rise even more.

With exercise and self discipline, Tina focused on not only Tiana but also herself and worked hard to get back in her natural flattering shape.

Tina is now a Freelance Fitness consultant and Zumba trainer, and participates in beauty pageants to showcase her talents and graces. 

In the September of last year, Tina participated in Mrs. India - Pride of nation contest, where she went through 5 days of rigorous grooming sessions and bagged one of the top 5 spots as well as Won the title of Mrs. Fitness Freak. 

Since shining diamonds can't be hidden for too long, Tina's talents sent waves across the industry and she was swiftly offered modelling opportunities. Tina has now appeared in shoots for Lakme Academy and  numerous wedding dresses and makeup spreads. Tina is currently working on modelling projects for e-commerce advertisements, TV advertisements and Music videos.

Powering through the pandemic, Tina recently participated in an online contest for Mrs Fame Queen 2020 organized by Reddwings Productions where she secured second runner up spot. Moving forward, Tina is now all set to appear as a finalist for the She Universe 2020 International, another Reddwings Production show, to be held in Dubai later this year.