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Daily Horoscope for December 3, 2022: Be careful Sagittarius, Aquarius; good day for Scorpio

Chirag Daruwalla, who carries on the legacy of his late father and renowned astrologer Bejan Daruwalla, shares daily astrological predictions for December 3, 2022. Continue reading and share with your friends.

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First Published Dec 3, 2022, 1:30 AM IST

Ganesha says
the time will be peaceful and prosperous. Any tangled work will be solved with the help of friends. At this time your competitors also extend the hand of friendship towards you. You will talk to an important person over the phone and your work will be completed in a new perspective. It will be difficult to maintain harmony between home and work. Even more time can be spent in wrong actions. Avoid risky activities. In business you will come in contact with new people, through which you will progress.

Ganesha says
the day will start with pleasant activities. Despite being busy, home and family will be your first priority. You will be especially interested in moral values ​​and spirituality. At
this time, give priority to new ideas by leaving the old ones. The time is not favourable to make any change at this time. Try to solve land related matters peacefully and seriously. You
can also take a wrong decision due to haste and emotionality. At this time you can be busy in activities like investment and bank works.

Ganesha says
the planetary position will be favourable for you. There will be a program related to any journey which will be comfortable and pleasant. Social boundaries will increase. You will live up to people's expectations. You will get proper guidance from family elders or experienced people. The movement of time will be slightly reversed after afternoon. Rupees can get stuck somewhere. If the problem is not resolved, you will be restless and mentally stressed.

Ganesha says
today you can engage in activities like Ishwar Aradhana, Yoga and will also feel relaxed mentally. A beautiful gift can be received from a loved one. At this time, the hard
work done by you will get good results. Be careful of your secret enemies at this time and don't reveal your mind to everyone. There may be some defect in cooperative behaviour
from family people. A member may have to go to the doctor due to health related problems. The time is very good in terms of partnership.

Ganesha says
today you will be able to solve any issue or work that has been going on for a long time very skilfully and calmly. Children will obey your command. You will also spend
good time in social activities. Youngsters will be able to perform well in the interview. Be aware that you may get into trouble because of your own words. Do not take too much risk
in any work. Your mind will be restless due to jealous behaviour of a relative. Political work will gain momentum now.

Ganesha says
at this time you will pay special attention to strengthening your close relationships. People who are studying will be focused on their goals and will be able to achieve the goals. A few tough and daring decisions will bring you success. Need to be more cautious in investment related activities. You may get caught in a situation of intrigue or contradiction. A journey made at this time will give trouble. Business activities will remain normal.

Ganesha says
if you are participating in any interview then you can get success. A fulfilled day can pass in peace and quiet. During this time, no important work will be done, but some
work will be outlined. In some situation, your confidence may be shaken and due to carelessness, there is a possibility that some work will go bad. Do not interfere in any quarrel with others. There will be stability in business and career. Long distance travel will be meaningful and rich.

Ganesha says
time is favourable. Many situations will become normal by communicating with each other. Time is of the essence in terms of maintaining relationships with people at
this time. You will experience mastery and energy from the inspiration of a role model. Any work can go bad due to haste. At this time it is necessary to act with patience and
discretion. A new task or responsibility may come upon you. Due to which you may be a little worried.

Ganesha says
you will be busy in some religious activities or planning today. Good times will be spent with family and friends and you will have some theory and a broader outlook to
improve your standard of living. In the afternoon some unpleasant news or inauspicious message may be received. Due to which the mind will be disappointed. Due to the lack of proper supervision of the elders of the house, there can be a feeling of introspection. That is why it is necessary to make time for them too.

Ganesha says
today will be a mixed day. Few people may create opposite situations towards you but you will not let them dominate themselves by your competence and ability. There
will be success in the efforts made to achieve the goal. Put a stop to your egoistic behaviour. Trusting strangers may be difficult for you. By controlling these negative things of yours, you
can succeed in making the situations favourable to you. Some new possibilities may come in hand in daily activities.

Ganesha says
the speed of time is in your favour in terms of income of rupees and money. Love and blessings of gurus and elders will be there. The hard work done in the past will
bring colour. You will focus on matters related to spirituality, society and morality. Students' studies may be disrupted. So don't give your attention to wrong activities. Some problems
may arise in the married life of any member of the family. Criticizing others can get you into trouble.

Ganesha says
you can achieve any difficult victory through your positive thinking and self- confidence. Time is favourable for activities like study, research, writing etc. Domestic matters will also be resolved in your presence. At this time you will make special efforts to get back your stuck or borrowed money. Don't mess with anyone without meaning. Otherwise you may suffer loss. Do not make any negligence or mistake in business matters.

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