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Research reveals why you can't say no to ice cream

why we can't say no to ice cream
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Children do not have an independent opinion on food until we teach them to be picky.


For many, ice cream is the number one item they will never be able to say "no"  to. There is no doubt that an ice cream is an excellent source of energy, though nutritional content varies among brands. It is also a dietary source of several essential minerals and vitamins. However, the high fat and sweet content make it unhealthy for those suffering from diabetes, asthma, and other lung diseases. 

Now, the researchers have put the blame on the media and state that they influence the eating habits of kids. Eating habits of children are based on their reading and they maintain such tastes through adulthood. 


According to a report in Elle, it is the media - both books and television - that tells kids what to like and dislike, for children do not have an independent opinion on food being desirable or not. 


Children think nutrient-poor food as desirable and normative when such foods are presented to them frequently and positively. 


The results were based on a study conducted among kids aged between two and four about the influence of media on the attitude of children towards different foods. The study is published in the international research journal Appetite. 


Kids will eat anything unless we teach them to be picky. Children's palates will be in an exploration mode shortly after they are introduced to the world of solid food, Dr. Tricia Gold told New York Magazine. Researchers found that in the books ice cream is often depicted as something offered to celebrate an occasion to indicate a happy feeling or to make someone feel better. Ice cream is given a privileged connotation with a particular status. 

The researchers say that it is for the parents to guide kids to love fruits and vegetables by introducing them to books that depict healthy foods. 

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