You do not need psychology to learn how the human mind works or reacts to a particular situation. Successful people are always aware of their surroundings and have control over their emotions to be able to navigate a difficult situation or a conversation. If you have been having trouble in public conversation or are having issues with day to day interaction or even at interviews, here are some tricks that can help you.

These little mind tricks can help you master your current situation and in the process fool your mind and even others into expressing another confident and stronger side of you. They are really powerful and should only be used with good intentions.

1. How to use silence to your advantage

On the off chance that you make an inquiry and the person opposite you dodges replying, keep up eye contact and keep silent. You'll find the solution you need as individuals will continue clarifying with the assumption that their answer is incomplete.

2. Quit feeling restless or apprehensive

The most ideal approach to relinquish your tension and apprehension is to chewing gum. Chewing gum makes your mind believe you're eating, and this helps in making your brain believe that you are not restless. It reduces the stress levels also greatly

3. Become comfortable in large groups 

When you're in a gathering and everybody is having a good time, try and observe to see who looks at who. It is natural for humans to look at the one they love/like the most, when they are laughing.  Feel at ease and do the same.

4. What you say is what they believe.

Quit saying phrases like "I believe… " and "I think… " as it is a known fact that you naturally trust in what you say out loud. But over use of these expressions show an absence of trust in what you're stating. 

5. Don’t get overworked when in an argument, maintain your cool

When somebody gets into an argument with you, simply resist the urge to panic. They may get furious, but you want them to stop and keeping calm will help.

6. Don’t let your emotions manifest

Often our faces betray our emotions and trying to keep a straight face is absolutely difficult when you are angry or tensed or ecstatic. The good news is this can be changed. So in a case where you need to try and be cheerful, smiling your way through is the solution. Also, if you keep a cheerful disposition when needed your immediate surroundings will also catch on to the mood, dispelling the negativity.

7. Work that confidence

While it is difficult handle confidence, a little more trust in yourself can make people around you feel the same way about you. You will come across as confident enabling people to converse with you more easily.

8. How to ace that interview

In case you're in a circumstance where you're being interviewed, just reassure yourself  that the questioner is human. Think of yourself as good old friends with the questioner and then watch how the tables are turned. You will be more relaxed, more confident and not a  nervous wreck.

9. Be the one you need to find in others

In a situation where you are not pleased with behaviour of someone, you can always behave in the manner that you want them to. The odds are that you're annoyed with them because they have provoked you to feel that way.  But by following this trick, they may even begin demonstrating your new practices.

10. Reduce the chances of being targeted

In a situation where you think that you are going to be targeted by a particular someone, sit right beside them. People get uncomfortable to attack someone who is right next to them.

11. Show your aggressor the mirror

Yes, just like it says. In case you work in sales try and install a mirror behind the counter so that the customer can look at themselves when they are arguing. When someone realises what their behaviour or manner looks like, they will naturally be encouraged to change it for the better.

12. How to get a favour from someone?

People are more likely to approve of smaller favours once they have helped you with bigger ones.  So start big.

13. Connect yourself with fun and energy and change the mood

On your first date/meeting take your date/friend to some place fun and energising. The individual will relate to the vibe they get from the surroundings. Plan business meetings in quiet locations while a fun do near a beach or a busy bar.

14. Maintain eye contact

Next time you're with somebody, take a chance at noticing the colour of their eyes. Not just notice how dark it is or what colour it is but the details about their eyes. The increase in eye contact will have the person enjoying you company more. No one likes a person who’s eyes are constantly shifting or losing focus. This is also a great tip for interviews.