A few days ago, United Airlines made global headlines and set an extremely poor example of hospitality when a video went viral that showed a doctor being forcefully removed from a flight because of overbooking. 


Now, a new case has appeared in which a couple has alleged that they were kicked off of the flight en route to their wedding. The couple from Utah were travelling from Houston to Costa Rica on Saturday, April 15, when they were booted from the United Flight 1737. 


The couple Michael Hohl and his fiancé Amber Maxwell were travelling with their friends from Salt Lake City and had a stopover at the Houston airport, the Khou-TV reported. Then when they boarded the flight they saw a passenger is sleeping on their seat row, stated Kohl. 


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Rather than waking up the man, the couple decided to sit three rows ahead since as per Kohl half the flight was empty. As soon as they sat, a flight attendant came to check their tickets and when they explained the situation, the attendant asked them to go back to their respective ticketed seats. 


Kohl then said that the attendant asked a US Marshall to come who then asked the couple to de-board to which they complied. 


Meanwhile, the airline has stated that the couple was tried to sit in the upgraded seats that they were refusing to follow crew instructions. 


The same airline rebooked the couple for another flight on the next morning and they will be able to attend their wedding as planned before.