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Animal abuse: Dog brutally tortured and shot in the head sparks outrage in UAE

  • Dog brutally killed and tortured in UAE
  • Activists and animal lovers are outraged
  • Police are reportedly unaware of the incident
  • Stringent measures by the government have been asked by activists
UAE dog tortured and shot in the head
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Earlier this week, a Facebook post on 'Stray Dogs Centre UAQ', sparked outrage among activists and animal lovers alike. The Umm Al Quwain Police are reported to be unaware of the cruel incident.


The Facebook post said, “On a routine visit to our center this morning we found a doggy dumped meters away from our center who died the most horrible death…His body still warm, his legs had been tied with barb wire, he had a single gunshot wound to the head, injuries around his front paws where they also appeared to have been tied and blood seeping from his swollen eyes…We can only imagine the pain that this poor boy suffered and the pain of seeing him in this state has reduced our faith once again that the changes that so desperately need to happen to prevent this type of cruelty is years away…”

Adding further,  “How to teach ignorant people a sense of compassion, empathy and human kindness? We believed that leading by example, addressing the animal welfare issues, hell we even broke our backs building the center so that Umm Al Quwain would be a healthier, safer community but for what we ask? For the ignoramus few to continue murdering animals at will with no consequences?”


The Stray Dogs Centre also implored the government to take stringent measures. “We cannot do this alone...It is time for the government to support rescue efforts and animal welfare in a meaningful way...To acknowledge the huge contribution that expats are making to ensure safer and healthier communities by addressing the stray animal populations in the UAE...To enforce legislation to prevent the senseless murder of innocent animals...Only then can there be progress towards truly addressing animal welfare in this country...”


You can read the full post here:

According to the Khaleej Times, a long-time Gulf resident and welfare activist Noel Balani observed that he had never seen anything so gruesome before. "I've never seen anything at this level," adding further that, "many people want to get rid of a dog if they are leaving the country or can't cope with the finances. Then they don't do background checks, imperative to ensure a dog goes to a proper house that can care for them. They just post it on social media.”

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