Things Teachers say: 12 things every student hears while in school

First Published 5, Sep 2017, 5:35 PM IST
Things Teachers say 12 things every student hears while in school
  • This is from the dialogue handbook of teachers all over India
  • Every teacher you may have come across would have used one or more of these dialogues at least once in their life
  • On Teacher’s Day let’s remember our school days

On Teacher’s Day it’s time for a little nostalgia. Apart from remembering the number of times Miss or Sir punished you or tweaked your ears, teachers say some of the most predictable things ever. In fact, if you ask friends from another school they will say their teachers said the same thing to them.

1. Stop talking! If you talk I will make you sit with the boys/girls

Sure, Miss. We only needed the excuse, that is why it was a co-educational school. 

2. This is the worst batch I have taught till now

Absolutely Ma'm. Just like you have said to the class before us. 

3. I want pin drop silence

In memory of the words and time teachers and students spent in playing the stare game afterwards.

4. Finger on the lips


5. Distracting elements

6. Ask your parents to come to school, I want to speak to them


7. Silence! Is this a school or a fish market?


8. There is nothing to be achieved with you studying here, you are just wasting your parents' money


9. Parents will dump the children they can't handle here, and we struggle to handle them


10. If you are not interested, leave the class

11.Why are you laughing? Do I look like a clown to you?

12. Speak loudly! Let the class hear you. Did you not have breakfast today?