Everyone gets a little anxious here and there. However, in some cases, anxiety manifests into a mental disorder affecting your capacity to cope with circumstances. "Two types of persons experience anxiety and stress. Some people have an anxious mind by nature, while for others, it is the situation that triggers anxiety," said eminent consultant clinical psychologist Zaileshia G  in a conversation with Asianet News.  

It is important to treat both these conditions, or it can at times sabotage your success. 


1. Relaxation Exercise


Zaileshia prescribes relaxation exercises for those facing anxiety as part of their character.  Meditation, yoga, listening to music, getting engaged in anything that interests you and body massage are easy methods to relax your mind. You can also try to learn relaxation techniques to clear your head. 


2. Psychotherapy


If you find difficulty in coping with certain situations, you must approach a psychotherapist. It is not possible to tackle this condition without help from an expert, Zaileshia observes. The psychotherapist will help you to identify the situations that trigger anxiety and how to handle them. 


3. Positive attitude


Perfectionism too can trigger stress and anxiety. Perfection is always relative and trying to become perfectionist will make you feel depressed and frustrated and often angry. Zaileshia suggests that it is better to try to achieve 60% success than to become a perfectionist. If your mind gets 60% satisfaction that will do, she says. 

4. Nutrition and sleep


Hunger and health loss will also lead to stress. It is important to maintain good health and get enough sleep. If you feel stressed, get extra sleep. Avoiding alcohol, smoking and even caffeine will help to keep your anxiety at bay. Eating chocolates and other sweets are also good to tackle stress and anxiety. 


5. Tackle anxiety-prone situations 



Try to identify those situations that lead to anxiety and avoid them. Talking to a friend or family about the issue is also helpful. Another method is to get involved in some activity that can keep you occupied and develop a strong support network. Another easy way is to count down from 20 to 1, and you will find yourself being less anxious. This popular method ought to work for you.