Summer heralds the beginning of all things new. Hairstyles change, one’s wardrobe undergoes a revamp and nail art transforms. If you’re wondering how to do up your nails for summer 2017, then you might want to check out the minimalist nail art trend that’s seeped into this season’s fashion trend.

To be honest, the minimalist nail art trend has been around for a while. However, the patterns have changed with each passing year. This time around, colourful floral designs are the big trend.

Think spring and include the colours of the season. It could be soft pinks, yellow, light greens or blue... you get the drift. If you want to look like a fairy princess, then you could have floral designs on your nails and soft petals on your eyes. After all, floral eyes are the other big fashion trend this summer.

For those obsessed with brands, you can include brand logos as part of the minimalist nail art trend. Japanese born nail artiste, Mei Kawajiri incorporated this glamorous look as part of French fashion house, Balenciaga’s 2017 fall runway collection.

Here’s an easy tutorial that may come in handy:

Here are a few looks that you can include as part of your style.