Christmas is a time of joy and peace and an increased risk of losing your dear ones from a heart attack! 

Yes, it's true. Studies have found that the highest number of heart-related diseases are reported around Christmas and New Year. The average number of deaths during this season is 4% higher than the rest of the year. 

A study conducted at the University of Melbourne blames winter temperature, increased alcohol consumption, emotional stress, rich meals, strenuous travel schedules are all risk factors for heart issues. It was found that a number of deaths owing to cardiac issues peaks from December 25 to January 7 and the average age of victims was 76.2 years compares with 77.1 during other periods. 

Another report published in the Journal of American Heart Association blames the feet of father Christmas and not colder temperatures. It was also found that people who died in the season were on average about one year younger than those who died of similar causes during other months. 

This is the third time that statistics of deaths during Christmas has been measures. The British researchers also confirmed cardiac death spike during the season.