Durex India, which claims to be the best condom brand in India, has tweeted that 95 percent of men in India do not use condoms. This has led to a campaign #HateCondoms and believe me; this is the topmost trending hashtag on Twitter. It is said that the percentage is based on the findings of the National Family Health Survey (NFHS).



But do people really hate condoms? Or was the company speaking about people not using the Durex condoms?

The Twitterati expressed mixed reactions to this finding. While many found it difficult to believe the numbers, others gave reasons, why men do not like wearing condoms.

However, according to Business Standard report based on the findings of the NFHS in 2017, the use of contraceptive pills and condoms has risen in India even as there has been a decline in adopting overall family planning methods. The statistics by NFHS stated that between the previous survey, 10 years ago, and now, the use of pills has risen to 4.1 percent from 3.1 percent, and that of condoms to 5.6 percent from 5.2 percent.

So, what has happened to Indian men in 2018?

On the other hand, use of contraceptives by women has gone up to 54%. This might provide some answers to why the number of men using condoms has come down.

Men don't like compromising on the sexual pleasures but can order their women to use contraceptives? Is this what's happening? Maybe there is need for a new hashtag #HateCondomsButLoveContraceptives?

So much so even Priyanka Gandhi fan page too Tweeted on #HateCondoms