Gone are the days when 9am to 5pm jobs were the only ones available in the market. If you're a stay at home parent or cannot cope with a regular job due to personal commitments, then you should work from home. We’ve found 6 jobs that can be taken up by anyone and everyone.



 If you're a multi-linguist, then this job is perfect for you.  Being fluent in English along with a few other languages can help you fetch a job as a translator.


It may be a tad bit difficult to form your readership base but once you've hit the target, you could look at advertising products on your blog. What's best is that you have no restrictions when it comes to writing or advertising. 

Selling your items online

Though this is not a legitimate job it does fetch you good money. We all have those old basketball shoes, clothes and other items which will never be used but could be useful to someone else. There are various apps and platforms where you can sell them and get a good price for it.

Making YouTube recordings

YouTube is both prominent and effortlessly available. In case you're not camera shy or are great with a camcorder, it may be the correct stage for you. Pick a topic that you are passionate about and get started. It will surprise you when you see the response.  

Content writing

If writing is your thing and experimenting with different subjects is something you are comfortable with, this could be a cake-walk for you. Companies are often looking to hire content writers to update content for their websites. What you may also want to do is set up a Paypal account to make the payment transactions easier for the employers.

Online tutoring

Enroll yourself on sites like MyPrivateTutor.com, BharatTutors.com, tutorindia.net as an online guide. Make a profile posting subjects or classes you could instruct, give details on how much experience you have, what your capabilities are, and so forth.


Once your points of interest are checked and endorsed, you should take an online test or set up a telephonic meeting keeping in mind the end goal to be chosen.  Tutoring does not need to be restricted to subjects only. It could even be on topics like Yoga, dance or even cooking.