6 awkward, embarrassing things every woman does after sex but will never admit

First Published 9, Sep 2017, 6:56 PM IST
6 awkward embarrassing things every girl does after sex
  • It's not just men who become all weirdy and distant after sex
  • Women too have their fair share of cringe-worthy stuff they do just after having sex
  • Embarrassing they may be, but yeah, women do this all the time 

The headline says it all, right! Most women will admit to having done one of these things. And as far as the men go… women do have an after-sex list as well. Curious? Take a look

Rush to pee and clean up

Just after the deed, girls can be found rushing to the washroom. Cleaning and peeing are the two next things we do. It’s like reflex action.

Call your best girlfriend

It’s like girls have their besties on speed dial. You ought to have someone else to share those emotions. Just like men who preen and boast about their sexual conquests wit the boys, women like to discuss the details, the merits, demerits, the highs and lows and yes, they will be doing this with their girls.  

I am sorry God, I am a sinner

God does figure in the act (if you know what I mean). But for many first timers, who have been schooled in morality and immorality lessons, tend to hyperventilate after having sex. If its pre-marital immediately guilt and remorse hits home. A silent prayer is offered to god, asking pardon for being a ‘sinner’ , hoping that no one finds out and that the after-effects of the deed does not result in something unwanted.

Baby, you love me, NA?

Yes. Girls love to pacified with the ‘love’ declaration. Almost 70 per cent women tend to find some kind of reassurance in after doing the deed. A declaration of love from the spouse/partner gives them that warm fuzzy feeling and placates an anxiety pangs that could be forming. Though , such questions can be a turn off for the guy.

Start crying. Just random emotions

Remember Sex and The City's episode; a Carrie voice-over makes the following statement: “After I had begun to get dressed, I realized that I’d done it. I’d just had sex like a man. I left feeling powerful, potent, and incredibly alive. I felt like I owned this city – nothing and no one could get in my way.” The female tear glands are extremely sensitive at this point of time and yes, tears come naturally. They could be tears of orgasmic happiness or that of crying over the mess they are in.

Pop an iPill

Yeah. You think a pill can put an end to the swimmer. Girls, popping the iPill like candies isn’t always the best solution for protection or safe sex. Use a condom and be relaxed.