A young Kerala woman after repeatedly being raped by a godman took an extreme step and chopped off the penis of a 54-year-old godman, who has been sexually abusing her since she was 16. 

The young woman, who is 23 now took the extreme step on Friday night. The godman, who is from an ashram in Kollam is now, said to be out of danger. In the police complaint filed by the law student, she identified the accused godman as Swamy Gangeshananda. The woman told the police that said he first raped her when she was 16 years old.

She had met the swami at the Kollam ashram when she had gone there with her mother and relatives to pray for her bed-ridden father. Soon after that, the swami started visiting the family. The police suspect that the mother of the girl also was being sexually abused by the godman and was aware of what he was doing to her daughter. The police also have now detained the mother. 

On Friday night, when she came to know that the godman was going to visit their house again, the girl kept the knife ready with her and later in the night he tried to rape her, she chopped off his penis. Later she called the police and told them about the incident.

The accused was then rushed to the Trivandrum Medical College where after several rounds of emergency surgeries his life was saved. The hospital later in a press statement said that the Swami is now out of danger.

"90% of his penis was cut off and was not in a position to be re-attached," the hospital sources said.