The crime branch has issued notices to actors Amala Paul and Fahadh Faasil, following allegations that they fabricated documents and provided fake addresses to register their luxury cars in Puducherry in order to evade taxes.

The notice asks Amala and Fahadh to appear in person before the crime branch for questioning. Police sources claimed that cases will be filed against the two actors after getting their explanations.

PY registration scam: Here is why Amala, Fahadh found it easy to register luxury cars in Puducherry

State police chief Lokanath Behera had earlier received complaints that Amala and Fahadh are using cars registered in Pondicherry. The DGP handed over the complaints to crime branch chief Muhammad Yasin on October 8. 

The crime branch has also received a report from the state motor vehicles department that the actors forging fake documents to get their cars registered in Puducherry.

After Amala Paul, Fahadh Faasil caught up in PY registration scam

While it takes between Rs 14 to 20 lakh to register a luxury car in Kerala, the same would cost only Rs 1 to 1.75 lakh in Puducherry. Thousands of Kerala residents have taken advantage of this situation and used fake addresses to register their luxury cars in the union territory.

The state motor vehicles department has found out that there are at least 1187 vehicles registered in Pondicherry, which are currently running on the roads in Kerala.