Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan was always known as a iron man of CPM. The stoic comrade of CPM was often referred to as a man of steely resolve. But, Pinarayi had in an interview revealed that he was not so brave during childhood and was actually scared of demons and ghosts. 

As he celebrated his 73rd birthday on May 24, we bring you few lesser-known facts about him:

  • Born in a low-income family, Pinarayi started working as a handloom weaver after finishing High School, before he joined Brennen College in Thalassery. He had even worked at a bakery in Mysore, Karnataka. 
  • Pinarayi used to wear only white shirt to school, as he wanted to mask the fact that he had only one shirt. “There was no other colour I could have chosen as I wanted to cover the fact that I didn’t have another shirt,” he said in an interview. 
  • He is a very simple person who would wear only white shirt and mundu. His daughter always gifts the same on his birthday. 
  • He is considered as CPM’s strongest man, but the comrade revealed during an interview that as a child he was scared of demons and ghosts. Also, he would never stay alone anywhere and would always study in the kitchen as his mother would be around. 
  • He was born in Pinarayi Village in Kannur, where Communist party was born at a midnight meeting on 30 December, 
  • Pinarayi is also a diehard fan of Superstar Rajinikanth and like fantasy and action genres.
  • The Communist leader is also an ardent foodie who prefers diversity on dining table.