Kerala police confirmed that they are not conducting any special inquiry into blackmailing complaint filed by actor Dileep and director Nadirshah. Ernakulam Rural SP also confirmed that they had not registered a FIR in the complaint. 

The police have included their complaint in the probe on the actress abduction case, the rural SP told Asianet News. 

Dileep had earlier complained that Vishnu, an inmate of Pulsar Suni, the prime accused in actor abduction case, is blackmailing him demanding ₹1.5 crore. He had also said that the police inquiry is based on his complaint. 

Meanwhile, police have arrested Vishnu, who is suspected to have called Nadirshah demanding the money. According to police records, he has been involved in over 175 chain snatching cases across Kerala. 

Vishnu was also named as the carrier of a letter, allegedly written by Pulsar Suni to Dileep. He had been in Ernakulam district jail until April. Police took Vishnu to custody after Nadirshah and Dileep filed a complaint that he tried to blackmail him. 

An audio clip of Appunni, manager of Dileep, is out. In the clip, the caller can be heard saying that he is calling from jail and persuades Appuni to collect the letter while the manager refuses to do so. However, the police said that it was Pulsar Suni, not Vishnu, who called Appunni and Nadirshah. 

You can listen to the audio clip below: