The video, obtained from a surveillance camera equipped at a fruits shop in the area, supports the police's theory that the CA student committed suicide and reduces the possibility of murder.


The footage from the shop, set up between the High Court junction and Goshree bridge, shows Mishel walking briskly towards the bridge in the evening.

Though the 18-year-old had covered her head using a shawl, the police identified that she was wearing the same clothes she wore when she went missing.

The police had earlier acquired a video of Mishel walking towards the Goshree bridge from an apartment in the area.


Mishel, who left her hostel on March 5 to attend the evening mass at Kaloor church, was found dead in the Kochi lake the next day.


According to the police, she committed suicide due to the trauma caused by her relationship with distant relative Cronin Alexander Baby.


Cronin was arrested by the police on Monday and was charged with abetment of suicide.