Manju Warrier, the lady superstar of Kerala, is celebrating her birthday on Sunday. The actress gifted the fans with the official teaser of her upcoming film 'Udaharanam Sujatha.'

However, it seems that not many, including her fans noticed the birth date of the superstar. However, a few Twitteraties appears to have remembered the auspicious date and wished her on the social media. 

The actress used to get birthday wished on November 1 as the Wikipedia had mismarked her birth date. However, in 2015, she herself made it clear that her birthday falls on September 10 and not November 1. 

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After receiving an enormous number of wishes, she wrote on her Facebook wall. "“I happily accept all the wishes that came my way today because I believe that every moment in this wonderful life should be celebrated. Thank you very much.But today is not my birthday, it is on the 10th of September.”

Incidentally, we came to notice that the birthday of Kavya Madhavan also falls in the same month and is on September 19.