At the Idukki dam, which is the largest hydro-electric project in the state, the water level is reportedly as low as 20 per cent. The other reservoirs are also reeling under acute water shortage as the state's total water level is currently at an alarming 24 per cent. 


With the current water level, Kerala's reservoirs can produce only around 1,000 million units of electricity. However, the state needs 72 million units every day. According to reports, the demand is being met by getting around 55 million units from other states.


With around 45 days for the monsoon to hit Kerala, the KSEB says the state has to find a way make it through the summer with the current water level. There could be an even bigger crisis if the monsoon gets delayed any further.


There is also the first stage of renovation works at the Moolamattom power station, which is set to begin in June. This will reduce the power production further.


Meanwhile, the state's increased power tariff comes into effect from today.