The Muslim women in Kerala have also been part of the fight against triple talaq, which has seen a newfound rigour in the country.


However, there has been no end to the harassment and abuse suffered by some of these women, who have challenged the legality of triple talaq and refuse to leave their husband's homes.


Despite being divorced through triple talaq, these women continue to stay at their husbands' homes with support from local courts, which have ruled talaq has no legal standing.


But their safety and security in what has become a hostile environment continues to be a concern. Several women stay on despite the suffering to prevent their husbands from marrying again.

The triple talaq is a practice in the Sharia law that allows men to end a marriage by uttering the word 'talaq' to their wives three times.

Those three words, which can shatter a marriage, don't necessarily have to be said directly as well. They can be scrawled on a letter (talaqnama) and posted to the wife's parents.


Banned even in several Muslim countries, India is one of the few nations which still permits the practice.


The Supreme Court is currently hearing a lawsuit seeking a ban on triple talaq as well as two other customs under the Sharia law, namely polygamy and 'nikah halala' (a woman wishing to marry her ex-husband must first marry someone else and get talaq).