A Kerala man has been sacked by his company in Dubai after he sent abusive and sexually explicit messages to renowned Indian journalist Rana Ayyub. 


Bincy Lal Balachandran, who hails from Haripad near Alappuzha, lost his job with Dubai-based Alpha Paint, had his visa revoked and is now set to be deported back to India.


The incident came to light after Rana, a scribe based in New Delhi, exposed the vulgar and offensive messages Bincy Lal sent her on Facebook Messenger. Some of Rana's followers reported the matter to the Alpha Paint, a sister company of the popular National Paints based in Sharjah.

It is understood that the Bincy Lal could also face UAE laws for outraging the modesty of a woman.

Bincy Lal, who worked as a customer service employee with Alpha Paint, was also found to have made offensive posts against Islam.


Rana Ayubb, the author of Gujarat Files - Anatomy of a Cover Up, said that this incident should set a precedence against cyber harassment and abuse.