Hadiya, the woman whose marriage was annulled and sent back to her parents' house by the Kerala High Court, is safe in her house, said National Commission for Women (NCW) acting chairperson Rekha Sharma. The Commission visited the 24-year-old at her house in Vaikom to check on her health and safety. 

"She looked happy and in good health. Hadiya is neither assaulted nor beaten up, and there are no human rights violations. There are no security concerns either as three police personnel are on duty at her house," Sharma said. 



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The Chairperson told reporters that Hadiya wants to go out freely. "She told me repeatedly that now everything is okay. hadiya wanted to go out and I told her that I would take her out when you people (journalists) are not around," she said. 

Sharma also showed the photos of Hadiya which she had taken on her mobile phone during the visit. 

The assertions made by the Commission is contrary to the allegations raised by activists that Hadiya is being subjected to harassment at her house by the father. Commission decided to visit her after a video, taken by social activist Rahul Easwar, surfaced on social media in which Hadiya was seen pleading for help. 

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Sharma interacted with Hadiya for about an hour before speaking to media. The Commission said that Hadiya is ready to appear before the Supreme Court. 

The visit of NCW came at a time when State Women's Commission had approached Supreme Court seeking permission to visit Hadiya. 

The chairperson said that there was no discussion about the details of the case. However, she said that not love jihads but forced conversions are taking place in the state.

Earlier, NIA which is probing the case as per Supreme Court order had informed the bench that it is a case of 'psychological kidnapping.'

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The Commission is on a three-day visit to the state and would meet Bindu Sampath, mother of Nimisha aka Fathima. It is suspected that Nimisha went to Afghanistan to join Islamic State after she converted and married a Muslim. However, the NCW chairperson will not visit the yoga centre in Thripunitura which was allegedly functioning as an anti-conversion centre. 

Previously, Kottayam SP had submitted a report to State Human Rights Commission that Hadiya is not facing any human rights violation.