In what can be termed as yet another historic decision, the Tantri of Guruvayur Sree Krishna Temple has asked Kerala Government to take the initiative to allow entry to non-Hindus in Guruvayur Temple. It is the only temple in Kerala which restricts entry for non-Hindus. 

Tantri Chennas Dinesan Namboothirippad requested the government to take measures to allow entry to non-Hindus. He also said that a detailed manual regarding this should be prepared after consultation with pandit communities and tantris. 

"It is for the state government to decide as they are the supreme authority to take decisions on temples after the kingdoms were replaced with democracy. Customs need to be changed according to times. The government should take decisions considering the changes taking place in society," he said. 

Dinesan Namboothirippad also said that he is ready to cooperate if the authorities are taking measures to ensure entry to non-Hindus at Guruvayur temple. 

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