Former Mangalam journalist Al Neema Ashraf has exposed the channel's honey trap by revealing that the organisation's top honchos had hatched the plan to trap a celebrity or a high-profile political figure long back. 


In a Facebook post dated March 29, Al Neema revealed that she quit the channel after it telecast the sleazy conversation between former transport minister AK Saseendran and an anonymous woman on its launch day. The young journalist  pointed out that she could no longer work with an organisation that compromised on its ethics.


"I was working with Mangalam and I am writing this after handing over my resignation. This was a profession I chose because of the passion I have for it. I was happy when I was offered a job by a top media organisation’s TV channel. But I resigned due to unbearable circumstances, both as a woman and as a journalist. The channel's first news bulletin itself insulted all of its employees. We expected it to a certain extent but never imagined the coverage to stoop this low," said Al Neema's Facebook post.


"I had joined Mangalam back in May. An investigation team consisting of several reporters was formed then. I was also asked to be part of that team but I declined as I felt something fishy. Though we were informed that there would be a big breaking story on launch day, we were not told about the nature of it. Only the top personnel and the investigation team knew about the content. I got to know about it only after it went on air. Then I could connect everything.


"Because of this case, all women journalists came under the shadow of suspicion and are being insulted. I quit because this is not what I have learnt as a journalist. I hope to practice proper journalism once after I leave this place," she concluded.

A few other journalists also quit Mangalam soon after the incident.