State transport commissioner S Anandakrishnan has recommended the Kerala government to urge the Centre to relax the ban on red beacons on official vehicles used by ministers.

The Centre had nullified the power of states in allotting beacons through the recent beacon ban order. While issuing the order, the Centre had stated that any objections should be communicated within 10 days.

Anandakrishnan in his report requests to restore the authority of the state in granting permission to use red beacons during emergency situations. The transport commissioner advised the state to raise two demands to the Centre; permission to use red beacons on vehicles in case of emergency and also vesting the authority to grant such permissions on the state itself.

A few ministers, including finance minister Thomas Isaac, have had the red beacon removed from their cars following the Centre's order. However, CM Pinarayi Vijayan and several others continue to use it,