The Kochi police has defended its stance to not file a case in connection with a recent incident, where a young woman was hospitalised in an intoxicated state with several bruises on her body.

The woman was brought to a private hospital in Kochi last month, with the marks on her body hinting at physical abuse, but the police decided not to register a case. The woman's estranged husband Prasanth Kurup came out criticising the police on Sunday, according to reports, and accused the cops of trying to cover up the incident and protect her current partner.

However, Maradu police station SI Ranjith has told Asianet Newsable that a case wasn't registered as the woman and her parents insisted that they had no complaints regarding the incident, and had requested them not to file case. The police also expressed doubts over the woman's estranged husband's concern in the matter.

"Yes, she was in a inebriated state and bore a few minor injuries but they weren't a serious enough to file a case without the victim's consent. We have statements from the victim, her mother and her father here, saying they have no complaints regarding the incident and do not wish to register a case.

"The woman's estranged husband is the only one who has a problem with this. We have concrete reasons to believe that he wants a case to be filed on the incident for his own benefits, and not out of concern for the victim. He is a lawyer with an unflattering background, and this case would help him against her in the court in the future," Ranjith told Newsable.

The incident and related developments had drawn interest after the victim's estranged husband came out in support of her. He blamed her alleged lover for the incident and also filed a complaint with the IG, accusing the cops of teaming up with the culprits. Speaking to a news channel on Sunday, he said that the woman's life was in danger as she is still under the custody of those who attacked her.

The woman, who hails from Pathanamthitta, was brought to a private hospital near Vyttila on July 28. She had injuries and bruises all over her body and had consumed plenty of alcohol. The hospital authorities, who grew suspicious over the injuries on her body, informed Maradu police, who came to the hospital and recorded her statement.