The Special Investigation Team (SIT) probing actress attack case might find it difficult to prove their claim of alleged delay on the part of Dileep in informing police against Pulsar Suni. Phone record data of Dileep to DGP Lokanath Behera has leaked, and it is evidence that the actor had contacted police soon after he came to know about the blackmail bid by Suni.

The police had alleged that the actor waited for 20 days to file a complaint against Suni and it proves the role of the actor in the crime. As per remand report filed before court Dileep complained to Behera on April 22 while Suni's friend Vishnu contacted him on March 28. The report lists the 20 pieces of evidence against Dileep proving his role in actress attack. 

Suni has confessed to police that he assaulted the actress as per Dileep's direction. Suni also admitted that he tried to blackmail Dileep seeking more money to cover up the role of the actor in the crime. 

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The phone call details released by Manorama reveals that Dileep kept the DGP updated about the calls received by Nadirshah and Appunni from Suni and his friends. 

The actor had called the DGP on his personal number on April 10 at 9.57 pm. It was on the same day that Nadirshah received first call from Suni. Later Suni contacted Nadirshah on April 18 at 103 pm, April 20 at 1.55 pm and April 21 at 6.12 pm. 

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Dileep's advocate had informed the court that all these calls were recorded and sent to the DGP on WhatsApp. However, police had argued that the actor waited to file a complaint against Suni as he was trying to settle the matter.