Recently, a Lokayukta Special Court judge sent a witness to police custody for contempt of court. All that the witness did was to eat chocolate while standing in the witness box.


Judge DT Devendran sent the witness, Chandrashekar, to the police custody on March 22 after he was caught eating chocolate four times while the court procedure was underway. However, the witness was again produced before the same court in the same evening, and he was released with a warning, a leading daily reported. 


Chandrashekar is a retired senior auditor at Doddaballapur Cooperative Society. He was present at the court for cross-examination in a case related to a laying of a trap for ₹6000, reported the Times of India. The procedure took place at the Lokayukta Special Court in Mayo Hall.


While appearing for the cross-examination, the judge after three questions noticed that Chandrashekar was chewing on something. When asked about it, he lied saying he was eating nothing and then the court asked him to rinse his mouth and return. After taking a short break, he returned.


However, after a few questions, the judge again saw Chandrashekar chewing on something and since it is forbidden to chew anything while in the witness box, the judge again sent him along with a head constable of Lokayukta to rinse his mouth. The witness came back but was again caught doing it again two more times. 


After the third time, Chandrashekar was given a last warning that his action would be considered as contempt of the court. But, he repeated the act the judge finally asked him what he was chewing, Chandrashekar said it was chocolate. 


By this time, the judge clearly annoyed by the witness’ action asked the public prosecutor present at the court whether he would be acting against Chandrashekar or should the court do something about this unruly behaviour, stated the report. The public prosecutor requested the judge to proceed with the court action, and the witness was sent to police custody.