Your endless wait to go through the multiple checkpoints at the Kempegowda International Airport will cease to end by 2018 as the airport will be an Aadhaar-enabled airport by 2018.

The initiative will make the Kempegowda International Airport, the country's first Aadhaar-enabled airport (by December 2018).

According to Kannada Prabha, the new initiative will have seamless security checks, and passengers need not show paper ticket or boarding passes at multiple checkpoints. This will certainly reduce the passengers' waiting time - maximum five seconds at every checkpoint up to the boarding gate. What more, the complete screening will be done in 10 minutes. Presently, it takes a minimum of 25 minutes.

With the airport all set to have biometric boarding system, the security measures will be improved. Besides, the new initiative will help the airport to create a passenger profile, if necessary, reports Kannada Prabha.

From October 3, the Bengaluru International Airport Limited has set a 325-deadline to implement the new system. The domestic airlines will also be brought under the new system in 90 days. The new move will expedite the validation process and also ensure an enhanced security. The use of biometrics will soon be the only verification required at each passenger touch-point and will provide a better travel experience, reports The Times Of India quoting BIAL executive director and president Hari Marar.