Kohli's love for canines – Skipper has a dog Bruno – is known to everyone. And the staff and some of the visitors at the CARE were witness to that first-hand.


Virat Kohli at CARE in Bengaluru Skipper Virat Kohli interacting with CARE founder trustee Sudha Narayanan. Photos/ FB


Kohli who was on a break in the city – post hectic match – decided to take a look at the city and apparently stopped his car after seeing CARE, it is learnt. He walked around the centre and played with dogs - George and Snowy (adopted pups) for 15 minutes.


Speaking to founder trustee Sudha Narayanan and Dr Lohith, Kohli said that rescued are his favourite breed. "He hoped people would understand that it's always better to adopt than to shop for a companion pet," wrote CARE on its Facebook.


The trust hoped that "his presence and message will reach the humongous following that he has in our country and make a difference to our innumerable lives of animals.”